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European Facial

This facial includes a deep cleansing using an exfoliating enzyme mask with steam and extractions.  In addition,  you will receive a facial massage, cooling mask, hand and arm massage and specific moisturizers to fit your individual skin needs. $55

Hardware cosmetology. Mesotherapy. Dermapen. Processing of the forehead area. Spa treatments. Face rejuvenation.

Micro Needling

This treatment uses 12 small needles to puncture the skin for therapeutic purposes.  Skin rejuvenation, scar revision and pore reduction are the results. $80

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Chemical Peels

This treatment assists with cell regeneration, you will have visible results with fine lines as early as the first treatment.  To achieve dramatic results, & improve the skin's appearance , a series of treatments is recommended. $65

Procedure of Microdermabrasion. Mechanical Exfoliation, diamond polishing. Model, close-up. Cosmetological clinic. Medical equipment.


This treatment uses diamond tips and is a cosmetic procedure in which the suction removes the dead skin cells.  $45


Exfoliating the skin while getting ride of the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) $45

Other Facials

Anti-Aging Facial

This Facial includes cleansing and applications of products that include A, C and E antioxidants which boost collagen and elastin production.  It will also include an enzyme mask along with a cooling mask of your choice.  In addition, you will receive extractions and massages on your face, arms and hands plus an eye treatment.  $65

Acne Facial

This facial includes deep cleansing with products made to help acne prone skin.  This facial includes enzymes with steam, extractions, massage, clay mask and moisturizers for acne skin.  $60 - $70 depending on extractions.

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LED Light Therapy Mask

Light therapy builds collagen, reduces wrinkles, speeds up the healing of blemishes like acne and rosacea, repairs sun damage, helps saggy skin.  Typical session is 20 minutes and I use seven different lights to choose from. $15/20 minuets

Radio Frequency

This treatment uses energy to heat the tissue of the skin and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production in order to reduce appearance of fine lines and loose skin.  Typical session is 20 minuets. This can be done with a Collagen gel and A, C, E, serums. $15/20 minuets

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